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Johny Tampan Template

Johny Tampan Template


This template modified from Johny Joss Banget template, with the dark style color. It was designed for gallery content blogger especially for movie collection. I made the slider with 6 posts in front and for more detail you can see the demo directly. It's a black and yellow color with 5 column blogger in there, adding meta tag H1 in every posts, automatic slider Carousel for your recent post, 1 left sidebar, 3 columns footer, navigation drop down menu, grid and list style, pagination for blogger ready, clean design template, toggle sidebar, ads ready and more. This template suitable for gallery content blog with daily updates. But you can use it for any gallery images for your blog.

Template Name : Johny Tampan
Author : Maskolis
Url Instruction : Creating Website
Designer : Creating Website
Url Designer :

Replace Blog Id for Comment Reply to Work

After uploading this template, go to Template -- Edit HTML and search for "981587371775371044". Replace this with your Blog ID. If you are in your Blogger Template page then you can find your Blog ID in the URL like blogID=123456...

Set up the Movie Categories

This template displays recent posts/movies by default in the home page. Underneath the Recent posts, it can display movies or posts belong to certain labels (categories). These are called as Movie Categories.

You can find these as Widgets in Layout page as Movie Category 1, Movie category 2 etc., Open each one of them and change the Title as you wish. You may change Category 1 to Action movies for example. Also, put the Label in the content box. This will show all posts from the given label.

If you do not want any Movie category then don't put anything in the content box of that category. This template will automatically hide those.

Make sure to update following in the HTML for SEO.
<meta content='Your Blog Description here!' name='description'/>
<meta content='Your Keywords here!' name='keywords'/>
<meta content='Author Name here!' name='Author'/>

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  1. Slider is not working for me can you please help me? when site load the images on the slider vanishes! I don't know what to do.
    I haven't deleted any of the codes from the HTML coding! please help and suggest something.

  2. you should make a post, a minimum of 12 posts.


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