5 Main Factors that will affect your Medicare Advantage Plan Price

All available advantage plans have standardized benefits and if your neighbor is on plan A and you get the plan A as well, you will enjoy the same benefits. All these plans are regulated by the federal government. It won´t matter what which health insurance company you enroll to the plan, they are required by law to provide you with specific benefits, already set by the government. One huge part that health insurance companies get to decide on their own and may vary from company to company, is the price of the premium. When trying to enroll to a plan, it is a mistake to believe that the price won´t differ from the ones of another company. In fact, it is strongly recommended to look around and check out several companies. This is how you can compare prices and make sure that you are getting the best deal. What many will wonder is what do these companies base the price on? Is there anything I can do to get a better premium deal at enrollment? Here are the 5 main factors that affect what you will be charged for your Medicare advantage plan:

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  1. Age: Most premium advantage plans will be based on your age. Not only will age make a difference at the time of your enrollment, it will also make a difference once you´re already enrolled. The older the get, the more you will have to pay for your advantage plan. There are carriers however who will only look at the age you´re in at enrollment and won´t increase as you age.


  1. Gender: For some carriers, gender will play a role as well. There are premium plans who are cheaper for women than for men. This is due to the statistics, which state that women require less health care services than men and tend to generally have better health.


  1. Region: Where you live will matter too. Insurance companies will look at the average wealth of the residents living in that region and will set their prices to an amount they believe to be affordable for that specific region.


  1. Tobacco: Using tobacco for a longer period of time will play a role in your premium rate. Any type of tobacco use is believed to increase the amount you would otherwise pay up to 10% monthly.


  1. Family: Some carriers offer discounts for family members. This is a way of these carriers trying to get as many members of one family to enroll to one of their products and not choose another carrier instead. This also applies to couples or friends who live in the same house, assuming the family member or friend is over 18 years old.

These and other factors may all affect the price you´re paying for your Medicare advantage plan. While some of the factors one really can´t do anything about, like age, there are still factors that members can influence. One big factor being tobacco consumption. Quitting smoking will save you money even when it comes to your health insurance!

Medicare Supplement Plans: do I really need one?

If you´re only enrolled on a basic health care plan, more commonly known as the original Medicare plan, you have probably already heard of coinsurance and copayment. You are insured and your health care insurance does pay the bill, however not to its full amount and as a patient you will end up paying the monthly premium of the insurance, as well as a percentage of any bill. For healthy members of this insurance plan, who don´t need to visit the doctor as often, this will be ideal and paying a small percentage of that bill won´t turn out to be a financial problem at all. However, there are patients who are going through a chronic illness or tend to get sick more often and therefore need to visit the doctor many times throughout the year. These are the ones wondering, if there isn´t anything out there to help them lower their costs. A possibility available lays in supplement plans!

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There are some things that the original Medicare insurance won´t cover. One of these is the cost for a blood transfusion. If you need a blood transfusion for whatever medical condition, you will have to pay for the first three pints of blood out of your own pocket. Medicare will start covering the costs for any blood transfusion only after the patient covered the first three pints out of their own pocket. If you are required to stay in the hospital due to a health condition and have a plan A Medicare, you will need to pay a deductible per month of up to 183$. Only after passing this amount, will your Medicare original plan come in. The original plan also requires you to copay for doctor´s visits, prescription drugs, blood tests and X-Rays. Coinsurance is another term you will face when only on an original plan. While copayments are a fixed amount, such as 10-20$ for a doctor´s visit, coinsurance deals with medical expenses that vary in price. In cases of coinsurance, your health care insurance plan will in most cases cover 80% of the costs, while you will have to pay the rest of the 20%.  If you´re often found in the situation of needing any of these services, that require a copayment or coinsurance from your part, getting a supplement plan will be more than necessary to lower your costs.

Does the supplement plan cover everything?

Although supplement plans don´t cover everything, all these extra costs that you need to pay out of your pockets can be avoided. Almost all supplement plans will pay for your coinsurance and copayment costs and the three first pints of blood, saving you money if you need these services often. Eyeglasses, routine dental and vision services, hearing aids and long-term care in nursing homes won´t be covered and getting a supplement plan out of these reasons wouldn´t help you financially. There are other insurance plans that focus on these parts of health care and that would be more suitable for you.

Aetna Medicare Supplement: full of assured benefits

A brief introduction to Aetna Medicare Supplement:

This Medicare company is based in Hartford, Conn. This company is considered to be the third largest health insurance sector. The estimated total membership of this health care insurance company is approximately 23.5 million people which also include the Medicare members.

The various products and services provided by this company are as follows:

  • Varied pharmacy and dental plans
  • Behavioral health programs
  • Various life and disability programs and policies
  • Medical management
  • ACA or Affordable Care Act Compliant Medical services
  • Enrolling in a
  • Enrolling in a medicare supplement plans for 2019 is simple and helps avoid surplus medical bills.


An overview of this Medicare plan:

  • These plans provide supplemental insurance amenities (Medigap policies)
  • These policies even provide links to various other Medicare Supplement Plans
  • These plans provide Part D prescription drug plans
  • The plan even allows the clients to remove the part D prescription drug plans if the client is not comfortable with it
  • The members of the plan have to pay the premiums, deductibles and the various coinsurance expenses.
  • The Medicare beneficiaries are bound to choose either a HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) or PPO (Preferred Provider Organization).
  • To lower the expenses of this plan, the client can buy various PDPs (Prescription Drug Plan)
  • The plan even consists documents of course pays


How to enroll in the plan?

As long as a person is enrolled in the Part A and Part B, he or she can apply and get oneself enrolled in the plan. The client can be easily accepted into the plan if he or she is eligible for the

Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period.

Some of the features of this plan:

  • The dual eligible plan which has been mentioned in the plan is available for everyone who have both the Medicare as well as the Medical Assistance from the State.
  • The part B is always reserved for the full dual clients. Full dual clients signify those clients Medicaid as well as Medicare. Moreover, these full dual clients also meet the state requirements for full Medicaid requirements.
  • Co pays, coinsurances, deductibles and premiums tend to vary from year to year. However, at times, even prior information is given before changing.
  • The benefits, formulary, provider network and pharmacy network are often changed every year (usually on first January of every year).
  • Moreover, the plan features and the availability of those features vary from place to place as well as from time to time.


Various parts of the plan have been described carefully so, take a proper decision before opting for the plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan Insurance

The Medicare Insurance policy gives cover to the vast majority of the restorative costs brought about by the protected. Be that as it may, there are numerous deficiencies of the policy. To conquer these deficiencies Medicare Supplement Insurance was made. The Medicare Supplement Insurance policy is sold by private insurance agencies. The Medicare Supplement Insurance policy is additionally called Medigap Policy. You can profit a medigap policy just if you are safeguarded under the Medicare policy section An and B. You take up a Medicare policy and profit for a medigap policy to deal with your health care costs that are not shrouded in the Medicare policy. So a combo of both the policies can deal with the majority of your health care costs. The Medigap protection policy has twelve plans. They are named A through L and every offer some fundamental and couple of additional spreads. As said these policies are sold by private insurance agencies, however the highlights of the policy are same paying little heed to the organization. Each organization can choose what policies it needs to offer.


There is one more policy separated from the twelve plans that goes under Medigap policy. It is called Medicare SELECT. The purpose behind having this policy is that it is less expensive than the other twelve policies. However, there is a drawback of this policy too. You can profit administrations from a predetermined number of doctors and hospitals as it were. There is one additionally thing that you have to know before purchasing Medicare Supplement Plan Insurance; you can’t purchase a Medigap policy if you as of now have Medicare Advantage Plan. Purchasing a Medigap policy while as of now having a Medicare Advantage is illicit.Medicare Supplement Plan 2019


There are twelve plans under Medigap policy. Out of these twelve E, H, I, and J are ended from June 1, 2010. There is likewise expansion of two more plans. They are M and N. Individuals protected under the ended plans will have their policies reestablished with no adjustments in the scope. The Medicare Insurance Policy covers 80 percent of the health care costs brought about by the guaranteed. To cover the rest 20 percent Medigap Plans were detailed. The twelve plans cover every one of the voids left revealed by the Medicare Policy. A solitary look on the plans will uncover that every one of the plans offer pretty much a similar cover what differs is the measure of cover offered by each. For example plan K covers half of – hospital costs, initial three pints of blood yearly and Medicare part B coinsurance. Plan L additionally gives take care of to similar expenses yet it covers 75 percent of the expenses. Every one of the plans give stretched out protection cover to a year after the Medicare policy terminates. Cost borne by you while at a gifted nursing home is secured by the plans. Plans C through J cover a piece of the cost borne by you to pay the crisis treatment charge outside the nation. On the off chance that you require talented help at home for recuperation at that point Plans D, G, I, and J cover a piece of the expense charged by the specialist co-ops.

Medigap Insurance

Moving, especially moving to another state, can be a mind-boggling process. There are a million activities, the minimum of which you need to consider it taking care of your health protection. Be that as it may, you should be shrouded in your new area, so here are a couple of things to consider when you have Medicare protection and are moving to another state:


Above all else, realize that if you have an institutionalized Medicare Supplement plan (A-J), you can keep a similar plan broadly and utilize it anyplace in the US that takes Medicare. This is one of the biggest focal points of Medigap protection and a remark at the top of the priority list when you move to another state. You keep a similar scope continuous and can go to any doctor that takes Medicare. These plans are Federally-institutionalized, so a Plan F in Tennessee is the same as a Plan F in Georgia. So in rundown, if you have a Medigap plan, you likely don’t have to transform it when you move.

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If you have a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Part D plan, you will, in all probability, need to change plans. Both of these kinds of plans work differently from Medicare Supplement plans. They take a shot at an “administration territory” premise, so when you move out of their administration zone, you need to get another plan in your new administration zone. We suggest that you begin investigating this no less than one month before you anticipated move date, as investigating the new plans in another zone (alongside alternate commitments of moving) can be tedious. Remember that your present organization may in any case offer plans in the new state; in any case, you would need to switch into a plan for that state’s administration zone by and large.


Your Medigap rate might be influenced. While you can keep your same Medicare Supplement plan, the rates can change when you move to another state. For instance, if you move from Virginia to Tennessee, and Tennessee’s rates are higher than Virginia’s, your premium may increment to be in accordance with your new state’s premium.

Who offers Medicare Supplement Insurance plan?

In order to enroll or purchase a Medicare Supplement plan, you need to be a member registered with the Original Medicare. The original Medicare is always managed and sold by those health care related firms as well as insurers who are directly under the umbrella of the government. With this idea in mind, this calls for the need to understand who sells or offers it. This plan is sold by private insurance firms that have been given a mandate to do so. These insurance companies have been licensed with the aim of ensuring that offer the best services that meet the national health standard both in short and in the long run.

Humana medicare advantage 2019Considering that Medicare Supplement Plan are given a mandate and licensed by the state to operate, they must be able to meet a number of expectations. Firstly, they must be able or must be in a position to cover a large pool of contributors who may not be covered by other insurance covers. The ability to cover a large pool of individuals contributing is basically the need to ensure that risks are spread across a large pool of contributors. Whenever there are many people contributing and seeking to benefit from a Medicare plan, it means that a few risks will be catered for at a go. This is one of the strategy that the government has been using spreading risks with the aim of benefiting those who are faced by health risks at a time.

Secondly, the Medicare supplement plan must adhere to the standard benefits determined by the federal government. The government has come up with policies which govern how the Medicare supplement plans are to operate. With that idea, therefore, such plans are expected to operate while observing standard policies which states that standard coverage must be aligned with standard methods of benefits. For instance if you have been covered by Medicare supplementary insurance plan and you need services from a private nurse, then the cost of services will be paid according to how it is stipulated by the policy. Supplements are different than the Humana Medicare Advantage plans for 2019 found at https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/

Thirdly, Medicare supplement plans covers those individuals who are already a part of the original Medicare plan. This is a condition which the government has put in place just to make sure that the Medicare plan does not deviate from its mandate. In that case Medicare supplement plan has been restricted to offering medigap covers and benefit remittance only.

Significant facts about Medicare supplement plans

Medicare supplement plan is most commonly known as Medigap. It is an insurance policy that covers the cost for copayments, yearly deductibles, coinsurance, and other medical expenses that Medicare Part A & B does not cover, like an emergency travel expenses outside the country, or the excess from the charges of Plan B.

mutual of omaha medicare supplementMedigap can be obtained through an insurance private company, and it is definitely a helpful policy for medical care services and supplies. With the Medigap policy, what will happen is the original Medicare policy will take care of the approved coverage amount for the medical care cost, and then the Medigap insurance will pay for its allotted share.

In order to qualify to have a Medicare supplement plan, you need to have first a Medicare Part A, which is a hospital insurance, and Part B, which is medical insurance. The monthly insurance premium for the Medigap is separate from the original Medicare premium, since Medigap is only an added policy to your primary insurance. To enroll in a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement visit www.medisupps.com

The Medigap policy is good for only one individual, it does not have beneficiaries and the insurance does not extend to a family member. The good thing is, the supplement policy is renewable, and even if you are suffering from illness, the private company cannot cancel your membership, as long as you are diligent in paying the monthly premium.

The Medicare supplement plan is surely a practical insurance policy to have, but it is wise to know that it does not handle everything that Medicare Part A and B does not cover. Medigap insurance is not responsible for a visual or dental care, eyeglasses, hearing aids, private nurses, or long term services care. This policy does not cover expenses for medical or non-medical services for individuals who cannot function on their own in a daily basis, like bathing or dressing. The coverage does not support long term services that are done at home, in an assisted living, in a community, or in a nursing home.

It is important to note that the Medicare supplement plans cannot be sold, and it is illegal to do so when you have an MSA Plan or Medicare Medical Savings Account Plan. And as of January 1, 2006, all Medigap policies purchased after that day does not include the coverage for prescription drugs anymore, unlike past practices with some Medigap policies that have prescription drugs inclusion in them.

4 Reasons why you should renew your Medicare insurance during your Retirement

Medicare Insurance is one of the most important health programs that exist and over the years people who are in the middle of retirement have become aware of the many times that Medicare has helped them. That means that a good job has been done.

During retirement, it is very important to know that everyone is vulnerable to any disease and most of all to the deterioration of the human body so we must constantly go through check-ups with the doctor to know the state of our health.

On the other hand, Medicare insurance policies do not last a lifetime but must be renewed every so often. You see, when the Medicare contract is signed it is established that the duration of your plan is approximately 6 months or even up to a year. So when this period of time is fulfilled you must go to renew all your policy.

Some may wonder why they should renew this policy and the answer is very simple and even, today you will know 4 reasons why you should do it.

  1. Greater coverage

Medicare Insurance is one of the largest health programs that exist and when it gives you the option to renew it gives you a great opportunity to have more coverage. When you interview with the advisor you can expand the plan to one with the much longer term so you can enjoy many more things.

  1. Data Update

When you go to renew Medicare Insurance you are given the opportunity to be able to update all your data. This allows you to make some correction of letters or numbers that have been taken wrong on the previous occasion so that you can have all your information complete.

Here you can even put new things that have been added to your life in the time that has elapsed. Do not miss this great opportunity as it is the best way to keep you healthy and enjoy everything.

  1. New plans

When you go to update you have to take into account that the insurance advisor will explain to you that there are new plans and new benefits which you will be able to enjoy. Little by little you will get to know different new aspects of Medicare for retirement so that you can build and enjoy the Medigap plans that fit your needs best.

  1. Better attention

When you are facing the advisor to renew your Medicare plan, you will receive the best possible attention, that means you will be enjoying all the information you need as well as the best possible deal you can get. They will even give you informative material so you can better understand everything.

Medicare Insurance has many good things for retirement. That means that you have the possibility to enjoy different benefits which will only give you a better quality of life. Make sure you renew your Medicare Insurance plans so you can have the best of the retirement.